Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paris is Burning!

JULY 18th, 2007

In my groove. I'm feeling good. I get a call 8:30am. “Renee, you booked the Hermes show and they want you right away for a fitting!”

It was the best news I had heard all month. I jumped out of my bed got ready faster than I ever had and bolted down to the Hermes Presse Offices where I strutted for the infamous Sybille. She is the casting director for Hermes and Gaultier. She she was sweet and fierce all in one. She is the type of woman who needs no last name. She says, "Jean-Paul will love you." "Jean-Paul, as i Jean-Paul Gaultier?" I was in awww!!! Jean-Paul Gaultier is only the most coveted designer in French Fashion, running mate to Galliano, now designs for Hermes. It was my dream to meet him. And homeboy loves him some Black girls too. LOL!

Shortly after, I landed a job with American Harper’s Bazaar (purely by fluke, as I thought it was just a Go-see) with photographer Jean-Paul Goude: who not only launched Grace Jones’ career, but was considered the photographic institution of Paris. Kind of like the iconic Bruce Weber, or Patrick Demarchelier.

Then, just when I think it can’t get better, Alber Elbaz, jet lagged from his flight from New York, comes in kissing cheeks, with his famous red bow tie and quirky Lanvin reading glasses. I couldn’t believe it!!! He thanked all 4 of us (the girls I mean) for coming. We were all supposed to play modern day Supremes. I was Mary Wilson of course!!! We wore his beautiful silk lamay dresses and 7 inches of heels that could make any man stutter. I t was like poetry. So much Soul Sexy was floating through that room when he was finished dressing us. It was Diva Feva' up in there.

(Left: Me and Alber Elbaz of Lanvin)

It was a trip that changed my life. I made an example of myself and my agents so proud. I made more than enough money to cover my expenses, and a nice little shopping spree in Paris. I think I deserved it…


Xman said...

You are the greatest Runway Renee. So proud that I have known you.

Renee Thompson said...

Thank you for your interest. I am glad to know that people are getting 5o know the real me. Kisses love