Thursday, October 20, 2011

Runwayrenee For Big It Up: Top Model: Top Brand

PHOTOGRAPHY: Melissa Moffat

Photographer and friend Melissa Moffat of is famous for her artist and musician photography. She has been noted as a very diverse and inspirational photographer often compared to noted photographer Steve Carty, who also has made his name photographing famous singers and rappers. However, Melissa, with her own feminine touch, has made her mark fusing fashion and music into one form.

I was very excited when Melissa and Editor in chief of online magazine , Zoi Koutso, asked me to be apart of their project with Big It Up for their magazine launch date.

I, much like many other Canadians, famous or not, have grown up with Big It Up as not only part of my accessory closet but my go to spot for style inspiration and appreciation. Big It Up is a paramount name in the style culture here in Toronto and has been for the last 15 years.

Big it up hats have contributed to Canadian Lifestyle, Pop Culture, and Branding making it one of the most noted commercial brands in the Urban Market. Dameion Royes, owner, had a great vision to bring out the personality in each person who wears one through careful design and individual use of colors and textures that are sure to differ from the last.

This shoot with Bad Perm highlights Big It Up in a way of paying homage to a brand that with age, much like fine wine, gets better with time.

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