Friday, October 14, 2011

The ShoWs: Canada's Top Design Talent Behind The scence at the Ritz Carlton


Runway Shows are one of the most significant elements of the fashion industry. Especially in a market like Toronto, finding great creative ways to build an ever growing industry is paramount when creating Canada's Identity against many other and more established Fashion Markets. Paola Fullnerton of Paola Fullnerton Inc. sees that need and has produced many shows in the past with exemplary success. None quite those of The shOws however which exhibits presentation and collaborations from Canada's most sought after designers, models and artistry Talents from Coast to Coast.

As a model who has worked in the Toronto market for many years, I too have had the opportunity to work with Paola and I have never been short of amazed. She always encouraged me and gave much appreciation for my love of strutting her runway. With Paola, a model must model and a designer must deliver. So that the audience can fall in love with fashion over and over again.

This time, being on the other side of the runway, mainly in the front row seats of two grand shows held at Ritz Carlton in Toronto, I got to see what the shOws were all about and h0w Paola put this fabulous presentation together. Only the best of the best.

In recent interviews Paola expresses her dedication to this new pillar for Canadian Fashion:

Paola Fullerton "Our aim is to put the spotlight on Canadian Designers, Hair and Makeup Artists and Models and build a property that benefits not only our designers, artists and retailers but a

Also our supportive sponsors, by showcasing the very best of Canadian talent at home and abroad to our media, buyers and stylists.

The purpose of The ShOws is to bring together our most talented and creative Canadian designers each season and allow them to present their collections here in Toronto to the fashion industry without incurring any production costs themselves. We want to support them here at home and give them every possible opportunity to continue to build their brands."

I was very excited to see models who can walk, clothes that swayed,cuts that defined and colours that stood in the lights beautifully as expressly seen in the collections by designers Jean-Pierre Braganza and Todd Lynn. I snuck backstage before and after the shows to see how Paola and her fabulous visionary artists put these collections together in a beautiful harmony of fashion and beauty on t he runway.

I was so different being there as just media and not walking but I was so happy to see what I have been missing from the other perspective all these years. I saw the workmanship in Lynn's blazers and the knitwear. I saw color blocking and textile design to die for in Braganza's Collection with each exit. Louboutin shoes at a fair 8 inches strutting back an d forth during dress rehearsals made easy during the show.

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