Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reel2Runway Loves Diem Magazine

Reel2Runway supports all its affiliates and team members. And one of Reel2Runway's own, Isabel Lee, team photographer, and her team of creative con padres has put together this wonderful project called Diem Magazine. Its the first Arts and Culture publication of Earl Haig Secondary School that is now launching after a year in progress. This online Magazine is available to purchase for print at $5.00 a pop. It explores the idea of interactive news about art and culture from freelance to well known writer and photographers who want to contribute. Much like social media gives a voice to all who seek it, so does this magazine.

Its so brilliant: It provides a platform for voices young and old to share their art and their news, their current events and things that their communities find important without the misguided information that day-to-day magazines often give with over editing and censorship.

Check it out it out at

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