Monday, June 17, 2013

NEW LOOK NEW BOOK: BTS with Jeri-Ali and Renee Thompson in " SISTER ACT" at Citizenry Toronto.

Oh they grow up so fast dont they? It was so awesome to finally work with my little sister Jeri-Ali on what turned out to be the best shoot of my entire career. This send off photoshoot was exactly how I wanted to see my sister beofre she left for Paris this morning.

9:00 am call time and Jeri- Ali Thompson is getting the day started with the fabulous Bianca Harris ( make up artist). My videographer, Zanana Pinas, also an Model, was there to capture all the work in progress for our Finale episode of Reel2Runway. 

Once we finally got on set, Donna Dolphy of Donna Dolphy Salon in Yorkville, and Marek Matwiejczuk ( super stylist) and the wonderful owners Paola and Fernando of Citizenry on Queen Street  ( 982 Queen Street West, Toronto ) awaited us. Hair nails and all the trimmings were necessary for this elaborate photoshoot.
1:00pm: time for test shots and fitting. The floor was covered in clothing, shoes, vales, garters, bustiers, lace ups, hats scarves, gloves... It only stared there.

Vintage Versace, Maschino, Valentino dresses and boots, chokers, brands brands brands. Thats how Marek does. This is what we called #GIVING CLOSET. Here we see Bianca Harris doing her final make up touches to keep fresh faces on these looks. Its not easy in that heat!

My sister and I have never seen each other work, but from what I could tell from her model videos and some of her facebook pictures, she was definitely ready to show the world where she belongs: on top. This is us sharing a moment of sisterly love. I was supposed to be the bad sister and she the good. I had a more sinister look for my outfits and my hair and makeup were framed with bleached brows and dark lips. Jeri in contrast had the innocent damsel look still looking fierce with her cemetrical hair do and gorgeous smokey eyes. 

           3pm: first looks girls. Bad sister was up and I cant tell you how bad things got until the shoot comes out.  I was less than modest from the neck down. LOL!

Jeri showed those long limbs were not just for show. They made the clothing look fit for a princess and nothing less that a long legged diva like her would do. Its important to have  little extra when you wear something as gorgeous as an all black layered gown. She is wearing it. It is definitely not wearing her.

Good Luck In Paris little sis! We all await the great news that you are doing all the big shows. They would be crazy not to take you. Everyone back home is rooting for you! Love you sis!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Behind The Scenes: @ITSBROOKESWORLD is Back With a whole New Hot Giveaway with @Runwayrenee Featuring makeup from @cocobloomTO


Back by popular demand: May of you saw my first sneak peaks episode with Brooke Aaliya from Youtube's ITSBROOKESWORLD and after such a grand request for us to team up again we thought it would be fun to get together for the Holidays with even more fun and fantastic fashion moments once again. Only this time we brought a few more friends along for the ride.

This season we had two really hot trending names on the GOOGLE meter and we thought it would be cool to partner up with Cocoa Bloom Cosmetics and Make Up Studio and do what we like to call THE FAMOUS FACES Make up Giveaway. Inspired by Rihanna and Clawdeen Wolf of the newest movie sensation Monster High, Brooke and I came together once again to give you our viewers a taste of FACE.

A HUGE Thank You to George Pimentel for Supplying Us with his Rihanna Photo


Left to Right: Brooke, Runwayrenee , and Thea Mitchell from Cocoa Bloom Studios

Model Celia Johnson and Brooke playing Dolls Behind the scenes

Brooke Getting Ready for her Clawdeen Wolfe Makeover

Zanana Pinas (videographer for Reel2Runway) and Thea Mitchell getting set shots for the contest giveaway

Brooke and Dad (Stan) Hamming around while Brooke takes a shot!

Left to Right: Runwayrenee, Stan, Brooke, Lola, Thea Mitchell and Zanana Pinas

Runwayrenee Getting her Rihanna Inspired Look for the Giveaway Shoot

Monday, December 10, 2012

Reel2Runway Returns: ALL NEW SEASON 2.0

That right folks: Reel2Runway is back for a second season. Beautiful, bold and all new footages will take over the net waves premiering this Thursday, December 13th, 2012.
A volume of webisodes called New Look New Book will give all you fans a deep look into the good, bad and ugly of behind the scenes fashion.

Last season we launched Reel2Runway with the whole crew from Toronto, on our own production of a Remix clothing custom designer fashion show in Soho New York. Top models like Jotasha Turnbull and Sam Taylor graced the runway along with many other familiar and new faces. Reel2Runway began but my time in New York was ending. Nothing better than a camera and a runway show to send me off with a bang. And a BIG BANG it was : lots of backstage drama and action packed model moments that only our show would air. Raw, unexpected action is what we do. Nothing is scripted here. This is a "what you see is what you get, " kind of show. 

The world of Modeling can be super unpredictable in ways you cant imagine. Much determination and a roll with the punches mindset is required in this business. Don't let the glitz and glam fool you folks. I am here to show you the real behind runway life. No more smoke and mirrors, no more makeup wool over the eyes. This is very real and what happens to me this season will surprise and hopefully entertain you. Coming home to My home town Toronto was never part of my plan. But you will see throughout what surprises await me upon return. Starting my career all over was no easy feat.
 Neither is getting the cameras to follow along. See what happens in Season 2 when all things new may not mean all things great. 

Watch season 2 preview for our world premiere This Thursday, December 13th at

Season 2.0 preview

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Photos: Steve Alkok

DAY II: After what seems to be a very jammed pack week of Canadian Fashion, I was privileged enough to walk for the Lovely Pai Chideya, Designer of Demoyo Collection on Day 2. The casting had very stiff competition, but I made it. The make up was super silvers and contoured cheeks. Josee from Cosmo TV won the competition they had backstage to do my make up against her co-host, Wilder. Ofcourse she won! we were one heck of a team.

Thank you Ms. Gail McIness for booking me on this job. It was great fun.  If you missed the show you can see it at

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Runwayrenee: Face of Remix Absolute Video Campaign

Remix clothing company is the official wardrobe sponsor for Reel2Runway and since Day 1 they have been the one stop shop for all things fashion collections and consignment you can think of straight from the runways of New York. 

Owner and Operator , Salem Moussallem, of now three locations of Remix in Canada (Toronto Queen Street and The Thompson Hotel Boutique) and one in Montreal, is my super flamboyant but fiercely fashion wise friend and stylist. He has styled for every magazine in Canada as well as being AUNWAYREccessory editor for Dress to Kill Magazine. He and I have known each other for years, and he also was in Season One Reality Pilot for Reel2Runway In New York. 
 Our collaborations have stirred up quite a response from our online followers in the past. Both good and bad, but nevertheless, Salem knows how to stand out in a crowd and styles any woman the same way. Remix is one of Toronto's go to stores and Salem and his vibrant staff of stylists  make it the place to look for whatever you need from coats, to hats, to full ensembles, shoes, accessories and all the brand-of-brands one could ever want. Especially for other fellow stylists. This one-stop-shop has been the lifeboat for a celebs and their stylists, any rescue mission for that photo shoot "gone wrong" or that night on the red carpet when you just can't get it anywhere else.

                                           Photo by Trevor Godhino and Styles by Donovan Whyte

 Celebrity Stylists like Donovan Whyte and Michelle Lyte often source their styling duds from Remix. Salem's vision for this store was to make it easier for new and up and coming stylists to have access to top brands and variety that can make their work come to life. Unlike having the big budgets and accreditation established stylists have, being a passionate young stylist in the city of Toronto can be like pulling teeth with editors and designers. Now with the business booming and much praised word getting around about Remix's ever growing selection of fabulous fashion finds, it has become the style haven for new and experienced stylist from Toronto to New York and Vancouver. As a consignment store, fashion now becomes available to the less than rich to the lavishly drowned fashion enthusiasts. From new models to celebrity singers, everyone wants a piece of Remix. And why not? They carry all the top Brands.

As the poster girl and lover of Remix Clothing company, I was more than happy to shoot the new lookbook for the up and coming E-commerce site. It was one big family affair: My former Director and videographer Julie Hong was working with us that day to create the new Remix Absolute Styling campaign. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

NEW LOOK NEW BOOK: Behind the Scenes with Renata Kaveh Edition

Monday, April 16th, 2012 was almost exactly one year since I was first introduced to the name
 Renata Kaveh. I wasn't quite sure why I couldn't shoot with her then but all I remember is practically stalker her via email, Facebook and any other third party avenues I could but we just couldn't make it work to shoot together until now. Its funny how sometimes the easiest thing can become so hard when you really want it.

 So almost a year later after having given up for only 2 months, I decided to try my luck one last time with contacting Renata.   I understood she was a very well sought after photographer, published all over the Paris Magazines and THE photographer to shoot with if your book needed a major upgrade. Which mine did. And wouldn't you know... she responded. 
Not only was I floored that she was still interested in shooting but she was also so nice and so enthusiastic about us getting a chance to wok together. I have always loved Renata's stuff but without an agent to coordinate a shoot with her it was a longshot. What can I say, you want the best you gotta go get it. 

The beautiful and talented Kirsten Reader (Judy Inc) was the stylist on set. The colours of the clothes and the high end shoes felt like I was walking into the closet of Sarah Jessica Parker. Kirsten's Collection of Clothing is absolutely to die for. And we were the same shoe size! It was amazing!

The gorgeous and very skilled artiste Aniya Nandy (Plutino group) was in the middle of another masterpiece when I walked in. We had worked together quite a few times on some shows for special charities and she always had a special touch. Anyone who can cover up my ongoing acne crisis is A OK in my books. Vibrant cheeks and coral lips were what Aniya had lined up for me.
It felt like the perfect shoot with the perfect timing. Even though I had to walk with my lace wig tape it was virtually undetectable when Anya was done. Besides who would be looking at my hair when I am wearing those fabulous Christian Louboutin colour blocked pumps?!!! The best part is the photos were so amazing that Kenton Magazine with be publishing them for their Summer spread. 

The wonderful thing was my friend Rj from Gwop Shop Entertainment surprised me on set and took some fab behind the scenes photos for you all too see the fashion madness. 


Monday, April 23, 2012

NEW BOOK NEW LOOK: Felix Wong Edition

My new Portfolio is coming along quite nicely. I was lucky enough after shooting with the famous Rick Day in New York to come home and get in touch with Felix Wong.

Felix is Toronto's New Jeff Barenger: young, sought after with an individualistic style of Natural and sobered beauty captivated in each face.

I had been told so many times that I need to look more relaxed, and be more myself on camera as opposed to what, not myself? I tend to be a bit crazy and abstract with my posing. Sharp lines with the arms, animated faces and colourful wardrobe. New look New Book Project has given me a clear perspective on who New Look Renee should be in front of the lens. so I called my good friend Felix to bring on the natural beauty and he answered to the call of duty quite enthusiastically.

Felix has shot every model in the city and sometimes shoots models in New York. Models who arrive to be on the development boards at the big agencies like: New York Models, IMG and Marilyn's often start their books over, just like I am. Felix's pictures are a great way to showcase a new model and hertrue beauty in her raw likeness whilst offering a sharp beginning to a new book. Its the perfect foundation for a model new to the business or to reinvention to have pictures that aren't too made up or contrived.

Peter Lindbergh is the world's most famous photographer for doing just that: "The model is not just in the picture, the model is the picture." Its about the personality, the realness, the innocence, the rebirth of the face when these photographers take the model's imprint to their film.

I wanted to start fresh and I got fresh shots. Hot off the press are 6 shots I chose from Felix's shoot. Just simple, calm, unexcited but very exciting. Tamed passion with a bit of vulnerability. Not many people can bring that out in me. Felix makes every model very comfortable. all the agents love his work and he never seems to run out of ways to style subtly but compliment the model in her own way.

Thank you Felix for making me beautiful. New Look New Book Project is very Lucky to have you. See these and all the newest additions of my New Look New Book project at