Thursday, July 28, 2011

BTS of Season 2 Sneak Peak: COMING HOME

BTS Photography by: Alize Unity

DAY 2 In THE STUDIO was great! We laid the track down and I finally got to hear what I sound like on my own song. those who know me well know taht I have been singing in the shower for quite some time. Even on the occasional drunken night I may perform a song or two for my closest girlfriends. LOL! I simply never knew how hard it would be to emote all the attitude and feelings you get from a song when singing it into a microphone! I was hearing myself but it was so strange. I started thinking about what it would be like to sound like Adele, or Chrisette Michele, or even rap like Nicki Minaj or M.I.A. I wanted to be as great as they were yet maybe I speak too soon. It was cooler when I thought Autotune was save me. Not a chance. I had to really put my all into it. Not be afraid to look rediculous. As long as it sounded good.

The Lab team was more than encouraging and taught me a few tricks along the way. Five hours later and a 6am session closing, I got to see and feel what its like to be an artist of song. Its a lot of work. But definitely something I can't wait for all of you to hear.

BTS of Season 2 Sneak peak: IN THE STUDIO

Mount Vernon is crazy far from Brooklyn firstly. Secondly, Studio work is a very time-consuming process yet a very rewarding one. Now what was a long trek, is now an addiction. I finally got a chance to catch up with friends Dj Calli B, Sean D and Wild Fire, Producers of my new musical project. Can you imagine another slash title? LOL! I have always wanted to sing. I come from a long line of chorus line members. I have a real passion for singing but my stage fright has always gotten in the way. Believe it or not, strutting down a runway is much less nerve racking than singing in front of people.

I felt right at home with my friends and it was so much fun. We had some wine and a vibe that soothes the soul. In no time, i was rapping, singing and creating sound effects with my voice. It's like playing a character. It was so different than anything I have every done with modelling. I am really excited to see how it all comes out. Its exciting to express myself in such a whole new way. Stay tuned for Season 2 webisodes for all new and more Real Runway Renee.

Friday, July 22, 2011

COLOR KICK with Runway Renee and Kenton Magazine


I just got word from Alex Liang, a great friend, supporter and Fashion Editor of Kenton Magazine, that my editorial for their summer story COLOR KICK is officially LIVE!!! I actually shot this as a test with Photographer Mario Miotti and Salem Moussallam was kind enough to style me with his just flown in collections from Paris. Halston, Vivienne, and Tom were all around. Lanvin to Versace I wore with attitude a muck! I loved every minute. Alas, the story was picked up and Kenton Magazine was my first choice, by the way. I guess New York does loves us! SEE ENTIRE EDITORIAL AT Express the Press-----------------------------)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The Reel2Runway team travelled to New York City to host our very own fashion show followed by the official launch party!

Now the team is back in Toronto and it Summer Season of Fabulous Finds, Fashion do's and Don'ts and everything in between: Events, showrooms, Parties and the drama along the way you know and love.

THIS WEEK IS AEROPLANE FRAMES: Runwayrenee gets an exclusive invitation to the showroom of Jon Atyeo of Aeroplane Vintage Frames. This exclusive line is a celeb's fantasy come true. Real Fashion Throwbacks to fit every face with all new sustainable and innovative materials that look fab in any fashionably inspird accessory collection.

Check out the episode for a full list of guests, designers, and crew.

**R2R does not own any music on this show. All the BGM title and the artist is enlisted on the video itself.

GET EXCITED!!! R2R is officially #FASHIONCRACK!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

    • TRIPLE PLAY PREMIERE WEBISODE THE BIGGEST PREMIERE EVER!!!!! PART 1 PREMIERES JULY 10th."Turn the countdown ON" running through the backstage, runway, hair&makeup, and wardrobe to bring you what TRUE behind-the-scenes is ALL about! it'll feel like you never missed a beat
      of the making-of the SOHO show. The chaos, The adrenaline, The excitement!!!

      STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO: JULY 11th, 2011 on